Wood Dash Replacement

The "original" Wood dash had seen better days, It was faded and cracked.  This is a fun project.   

As a base I used MDF and oak laminate. Woodcrafters has a local store.  I also purchase the recommended powder laminate glue. The first project was the glove box.  It was easy to remove.  Tracing the space onto the MDF I cut out the blank a little oversized with a RotoZip.  I then glued one side with an oversized piece of laminate. Then put it between white paper and a few boards of laminate weighted down  Repeated for other side.  Since laminate is so brittle (cut with exacto knife with blue tape over the cutting area) I decided to stain and finish with a coat of poly before trimming.  This helped greatly. I used a wood prep then two coats of stain and a coat of poly before trimming.

Once sanded into the shape, I proceeded to sand (400 grit) and add 5 coats of gloss Helmsman gloss poly to both sides.  Helmsman is an outdoor poly with UV protection. 

The glove box is held in with machine screws that fit into brass inserts imbedded in the wood.  I looked for replacements.  None were short enough for the thickness of the wood.  The new panel was thinner than the original as well. Before removing the inserts I aligned the two pieces and drilled pilot holes to lock in the position.  I then opened up through the pilot hole from the A side of the original a slightly larger opening.  I then oiled a screw and treaded it in until it stopped and the insert turned. I backed out the screw and the insert followed. 

If I installed the inserts flush with the new panel I would have a very thin covering of wood.  So with careful measurements and blank piece of  MDF I found a depth that was about 60% through the wood.  With the drill press set I drill a hole one size smaller than the width of the insert. I then mixed a bit of West epoxy and dabbed the inside of the holes.  I screwed in the inserts. The overlap was just enough to fit a washer over the insert as a spacer. 

To drill the lock I put blue tape on both sides and traced the opening.  Using a sharp wood hole bit a bit smaller than the opening I drilled through the hole.  I used a round file to finish the opening.  MDF is easy to sand and shape. I used a square file to shape the tab slot.

I installed the new box lid using flat washers as spacers.  Everything fit like a glove. Measure 5 times cut once.

The center dash area is next.  It a very thin piece of wood. Almost like to pieces of laminate glued together.

For the center section I used two pieces of laminate sandwiched between expoy and fiberglass cloth.

The dash is thinner mdf and laminate.  Much care must be taken the ensure the holes are drilled in the correct locations.  Proper fit back in the dash is effected.




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