Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of my 1976 Spitfire.
I would like to take credit for my new Spit, but the praise goes to a previous owner (Creighton?) who restore it from the frame up. He even had pictures of the orange Spit and Engine all taken apart in prep from the restoration. The engine has I understand only about 4,000 miles on after the rebuilt (1,000 this summer for me). I understand he was in a tough situation and needed to sell her. The next owner could not have been nicer, shipping everything Creighton had given him in trust. I intend to keep the car as pristine as it is now, maybe even improved.

So here is Creigton's handywork.

Thrilled to be the owner.

Here are the results. Originals from Ebay before delivery

 Picture Gallery   I added a picture of my other toy (or hole in the water) my Ericson 27

And Now: