Fiat 124 Spider

I was on Ebay in June looking for an Triumph engine or parts car to rebuild.  An Italian bug from my youth grabbed me and this is what I got. A 1977 Fiat 124 Spider with 105K miles on it. 

It ran fairly well when I got it., but a friend warned that the rust on the fenders could be the a deal killer. It leaked oil around the cams which turned out to be loose nuts.  Also the water pumped leaked. So here is my first set of pictures on the project. Not sure if it is a keeper or a part car.   But Mary likes it. 

Work to date includes. New water pump, radiator cap.  Cleaned up engine, flushed cooling system, overflow bottle cleaned and blockage fixed,  painted radiator, Timing belt cover, Rad Fan and exhaust manifold shield.  Installed new cam cover and oil pan gaskets, lubed chassis, oil/filter changed, replaced rear end and trans fluid.  New Boche wires,  platinum plugs, fuel filter and disconnected air pump. New hoses for coolant, carb and vacuum connections.  New exhaust to air cleaner hose. Waxed car, cleaned interior,  replaced hardware and glass in side view mirror.  Adjusted Weber (way too lean).  Run's great. 

Have a vibration at around 4000 rpm.  It disappears either higher or lower.  Suspect trans mount.  Ordered new trans and engine mount. Working on new wood replacements for the interior. Using MDF and oak laminate. 


Early Fixup

Wood Dash

Early Fixup 2

Transmission Rebuild

Engine Rebuild 1 - Engine Rebuild 2 - Engine Rebuild 3 

Engine Rebuild 4

Brown Wire Fix

Shock Towers

Wood Dash Updated





Wood Dash