Ericson Instrument Panel

The "original" teak dash had seen better days, It was faded and cracked.  This is a fun project.   

I found a Web site, on the Atomic Four (my boat engine) site,  that discussed replacing instrument panel and about a site Front Panel Express  http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/ that you can download free software and design a new instrument panel.  My Ericson 27 panel was in dire need of replacement, so took the plunge. It's been fun so far and the results are beyond my expectations.  The panel came back in professional wrapped package with zip peal opening.  They seem to have even fixed my logo. HIGHLY Recommended!!! You can send your own material, but I picked the 4mm Black Anodized Aluminum.

All the links for hole sizes for instruments (2 1/16") and other controls are available on the web.  I took the opportunity to sand and re-spray the Housing with Gel Coat.  I used the "Preval" sprayer you can get at Home Depot. I thinned the gelcoat before adding hardener with @10% Acetone.  First coat came out smooth but too tan (added brown).  Next coat was botchy, so I sanded it and re-sprayed.  Better but not perfect.  I think I did not stir with stick first after adding Acetone and hardener on following coats.  Just shock bottle. But good enough- the panel made up for it..

The design was the hard part but had housing and old panel as a guide. I also am replacing the AMP meter with Voltage meter and adding a Tachometer.  Read about it on web.  Volt Meter has no draw on battery.


Old Panel and housing


Design of new Panel. Notice triple line font.  They fixed it to solid.


Measured position of holes for clearance against old panel.  Moved a few around.  Added spot for tack where old Auto-Pilot power connection was.


Housing after re-spray.


Added wood back-plate secured with West Epoxy and Colloidal Silica for panel screws.  Old were loose and off center.


The result.  Instruments fit perfectly.  Can't wait till spring.



Compared to old