Pelican Club


5/4/03 Last week my favorite pub the Pelican Club closed. I've been going to since my college days over 25 years ago.  I have many good memories and some ... , but it has been a great place to both unwind and wind up for myself and many others.  During its heyday they had a location in Toronto Canada and Colorado Springs. As a British friend who I introduced to the Pelican would say, its a "Proper Pub". Every time he comes into town he insists its the only pub he's interested in visiting.  I take this as high praise since he told me his interview process involves having candidates meet him at pubs in England for interviews.  He insists he can judge there character well there.

Today they had an auction of their memorabilia. I and about 70 others waited in line from 8:00am until they opened at 9:00. Here are some pictures I took during the closing days. Included are the picture of the bar stool, table, picture and Pelican door knocker I bought to ease my pain. I thought I would share some pictures that I hope capture the special nature of the Pelican Club, as so many of us experienced.